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Wintry Weather Possible

What's all this talk about snow and ice Tuesday, February 9th? Everyone is talking about it so I probably should throw in my 2 cents worth.

Yes, the models are keying in on that time period for a significant storm system, but I want to remind you of a tweet I sent out on January 19th. It's very rare for the models to show snow in the 5-7 day time frame and it verifies.

We know we have 2 fronts to watch over the next week. The first front will bring a typical February airmass late this week. Nothing unusual. Front number 2 brings arctic air late Saturday. What has been the problem all winter? We have lacked air cold enough for widespread wintry weather. For a significant storm, you need to have the cold air already in place. All signs point to this happening. Now, we must watch for a wave developing along that arctic boundary to our south. Where does that wave develop, how much moisture will move over the state, and does it even develop at all?

Also, let's not overlook next Saturday! Northern Arkansas could see a little light wintry weather!

The following maps (Euro, GFS, and Canadian) are valid for Tuesday morning, February 9th.

The Euro


The Canadian

Pretty interesting all 3 show it in the long range. I caution you, these models will change a few dozen times in regards to track, timing, and moisture. So if you think the models will verify with what they show today, it's highly unlikely. With that said, THERE IS SOMETHING TO WATCH!

We need to break this streak!

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