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Winter To Spring

Near record cold now, but storms become likely this weekend. A strong storm system will affect much of the central United States this weekend. The track of the low is much further north compared to the system Sunday. This means Arkansas will be exposed to the warm sector of the storm with rain and storms. Any snow will be well north and northwest of the state.

The Storm Prediction Center has outlined a large area for a severe weather risk Saturday similar to the one I put out there Monday. Here are my thoughts as of Tuesday morning

-Rain will be possible Thursday and Friday with any thunderstorms likely arriving Saturday.

-Instability will be on the low end and that's needed to fuel thunderstorms.

-This is expected to arrive in the morning and that's not prime time for severe weather. It can still happen, but it's usually not as widespread compared to the heating of the day

-It's too early to define specific severe weather threats.

-Heavy rainfall will be possible with at least 1'' possible especially in thunderstorms.

-This is a quick moving system so the weekend will not be a complete wash-out. Most of the rain should be gone by Saturday afternoon.

As always, stay with Channel 7 for the newest information.

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