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Winter Storm #2

This historic week of cold and snow will be something you tell your kids and grandkids about one day. It's gripping the country from deep in the heart of Texas to the Canadian border with Arkansas in the middle.

We could have the cold high temperature Monday Since 1989 and the coldest low temperature since February 1996 Tuesday morning. Later that month in 1996, it reached 80° TWICE! Wind chill values will be well below zero. I'm sure we'll break several other temperature records along with a few snow records too. Also, this will be one of the longest stretches at or below freezing in Little Rock weather history.

Now onto system #2. We have a high degree in confidence it will happen, but details still need to be ironed out. Here we go with the models. These are NOT forecasts.

The Euro ensembles depict fairly well where it thinks the greatest snow will occur. Let's start with the probability for seeing at least 1 inch of snow. LARGE area mid week.

Good chance for a swath of 3'' or more. The location of the swath can still change.

The chance for 6'' or more mid week decreases.

Again, it can shift

Timing. Again, only models and not confident on exact timing yet.

I think it should be gone earlier than depicted there.

PRELIMINARY amounts. This will be adjusted, but it's a good starting point. We'll see where the heaviest swath occurs as new data comes in and we determine the exact path.

Impacts - more travel issues, but we'll already have those issues from the prior snow. I expect a good chance schools will pivot to virtual all week. The demand for heat will be through the roof! I expect little in the way of power issues, but if the demand is too high, it will be something to watch.

Watch for ice on ponds. Keep kids off those! It can be deadly. The thaw will come, but I think it will be gradual with all the snow and ice on the ground

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