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Winter Is Here!!!

Finally, the most wonderful time of the year is staring us right in the face! I love it! I know some don't, but give us winter weather lovers 3 months a year to enjoy. It's now meteorological winter and the forecasting challenges await us. Maybe that's why I like it so much? HMMMMMM

I see no cold air over the next week, but there are a few subtle hints of colder times once we get to the middle of the month and beyond. That does not mean a white Christmas though.

Check out these December extremes for Arkansas.

Warmest state average is 50.4° in 1984

Coldest state average is 30.2° in 1983

Most snow in 1 day: 21'' in Monticello on December 31st, 1876

Most rain in 1 day: 14.06'' at Big Fork on December 3, 1982.

Little Rock extremes for December.

All-time high: 80° December 3, 2005 and previous years

All time low: -1° December 23, 1989 and December 24th, 1963

Most rain in 1 day: 5.76'' on December 24th, 1987

Most snow in 1 day: 9.8'' on December 22, 1963

Most December snow: 10.3'' in 2012

Buckle up! It will be fun to follow and thanks for coming to the Arkansas Weather Blog.

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