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Winter 2018-2019 Forecast

When it comes to seasonal forecasting, it doesn't get any better than meteorologist Joe Bastardi with

It's important to know the averages for your area. In the graphic below, I have the average snowfall at 3.1'', but I recently learned it's 3.5''. Not a big difference.

Please understand I had technical difficulties with Skype. The audio drops out from time to time, but you will get the ideas behind his forecast.

Within the next few weeks, you will see winter outlooks which give odds for below average and above average temperatures. They will also have "EC" which stands for "Equal Chances". Basically, they don't have enough confidence to go one way or the other. Joe is completely different and assigns a number to his temperature forecasts and a percentage (against the average) for his snow forecasts. ENJOY!!!

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