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Why More Excessive Heat Warnings?

Why have more excessive heat warnings been issued lately compared to past summers?

Believe it or not, this summer will end up COOLER than average! The average temperature in June was -2.1°, July -2.7°, and so far in August +.4°. That means our average temperature so far this summer is -1.5° and with only a few days left this month, it will go down as a mild summer for much of Arkansas.

However, we know that has little to do with the heat index. The feels like temperature is the combination of heat and the wretched Arkansas humidity. Why have there been so many excessive heat warnings issued? It's not your imagination!

NOTHING has changed in terms of typical summertime humidity, however the standards for issuing one of these warnings has changed.

Prior to 2015, a heat advisory was issued for heat index temperatures of 105° to 114°. Anything higher than that, an excessive heat warning was issued.

Starting in 2015, it all changed. An excessive heat warning is issued for heat index temperatures of 110° or higher. A heat advisory issued for 105° to 109°.

For the remainder of 2019, I'm going to focus a lot on rainfall. WE ARE WAY ABOVE AVERAGE. If we ONLY receive average rainfall for the rest of the year, it would vault us to the 16th wettest in Little Rock history.

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