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Why I Think Winter Is Not Over

Let's watch the last week of this month. The ridge is going up into Alaska and that will should send it south.

At the same time, the southeast ridge will bring resistance to the cold. That means an active storm track likely right over our region. I'm not saying snow/ice is guaranteed, but the Alaskan ridge development is screaming, WINTER IS NOT OVER!

Birdseye view of the northern hemisphere February 24th. There's the ridge going up over Alaska. That will push cold air south and east. See the yellows and oranges over the southeast? That cold air will meet resistance with a strong temperature gradient likely with an active storm track. Impossible to know at this time where exactly this sets up.

5 day precipitation anomalies ending Friday, February 24th. The greens indicate above average precipitation. That's the cold air clashing with the warmer air to the southeast. In other words, very active pattern likely to continue through the end of the month and possibly more active last week of the month

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