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What's Next?

We're not done with the cold, but we are going to come out of this deep freeze for awhile.

To see where we are going with the pattern, I'm going to use the 500mb height anomalies from the European. This helps us understand the configuration of the pattern and where we can expect airmass source regions.

At this time, it's way too early to say if we'll have any moisture involved.

This is a birds eye view of the northern hemisphere. Look at the blue area over Alaska. That's troughing. There's a ridge over the west coast. The flow around these features will flood us with Pacific air next week... MILD!

Just before Valentine's Day, the ridge builds north into Alaska changing the pattern. The source region of our airmass will be from the arctic around the ridge. Could just be dry and cold. Winter weather? Hey, it's Arkansas. We'll see.

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