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Wednesday Weather

This will be our last chance for rain and storms for at least 7 days! I'm still a little baffled by the lack of instability with a system as strong as the one pulling out into the Plains. This is a situation of low instability, but tons of wind energy. Nevertheless, we must watch this for strong storms Wednesday and some could be severe if there's enough unstable air. The entire state has at least some risk for severe weather. I hope it's just a quick moving area of rain and we're done!

The GFS shows a narrow corridor of instability moving across the state during the day. The flooding threat with this seems low due to the rapid speed of the system.

Side note... there will be a major blizzard in the plains of Colorado to South Dakota. Winds will exceed 50mph with 2-3 feet of snow. This is a very potent storm system. Beyond Wednesday, little to no rain for 7 days!!!!!

GFS narrow corridor of instability entering southwest Arkansas around midday Wednesday.

By 6PM, it increases some and shifts east. Notice any severe threat will be limited to a small area as it crosses the state.

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