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Warm Christmas OR NOT?

"It's going to be a warm Christmas!" The models have been screaming this over the past couple weeks and we have been echoing that as well. Everything has pointed towards above average temperatures and most of the data continues to show just that!

HOWEVER, the NAM (North American Model) is pulling a Lee Corso... "NOT SO FAST MY FRIENDS).

Look at this...

The NAM (above) caught my attention. Why is it going against all of the other models which indicate highs well into the 60s? Here's the reason..

CLOUDS AND FOG! The NAM has an easterly to southeasterly flow at the surface and that has me concerned about a busted forecast. But is it a bust if you see it a few days in advance? Anyway, if you're going to miss the high temperature this time of year, stubborn low clouds and fog will do the trick. If they don't break, you can be off by 10-15 degrees. If the clouds break, it's fun in the sun!

Other modeling DOES indicate plenty of sun and mild temperatures!




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