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Tropical 1 -2 Punch

The picture is a little less blurry, but how this plays out is still unclear for Arkansas

Marco should make landfall first, then Laura will come in behind.

Marco makes landfall Monday as a hurricane along the Louisiana coast, then moves west. This track will likely adjust in the coming days and Arkansas may receive some remnant moisture.

By Wednesday, Laura is forecast to make landfall as a hurricane along the Louisiana coast

Since this is a unique scenario, to say the very least, here are my thoughts.

How much upwelling and cooling of the ocean water will occur as Marco passes over the northern Gulf. If it's significant, it would limit the potential for Laura to become a hurricane.

Sea surface temperatures are above average. There's plenty of fuel for these storms, but how much will that area along the coast cool after Marco?

Regardless of what happens with the intensity, remnant moisture from both systems will be possible by the middle to end of the week.

Assuming the current forecast is correct, a few inches of rain will be possible across Arkansas. These systems will be moving quickly which could limit prolific rainfall amounts, but they could still be significant

What could go wrong? What if Marco goes west and Laura goes east and we see nothing? That option is on the table. Again, the picture is a little less blurry. Marco, then Laura hit the Gulf coast next week. How much of an impact on our state is uncertain, but rain chances will be on the increase for sure!

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