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Tornado Update

It has been somewhat of a strange year for tornadoes. The storm track just does not want to shift, but it will. The southeast has been hammered with significant tornadoes. Almost 100 so far in Mississippi and that's well above their yearly average.

The storm track typically shifts north for May bringing the tornado threat into the traditional areas known as tornado alley.

However, the first half of May looks rather cool as the jet takes a southward dip. When Alaska and the western United States warm up, it usually cools down central and east. This doesn't mean we're out of the woods for severe weather, but it does go against it. Always stay weather aware as I'm sure we'll have some at some point.

This is really interesting. Look at tornado warnings so far this year. It does not include the event Tuesday night. There's an axis of very active weather through the Arkansas River Valley with little tornadic activity over much of central and southern Arkansas. As you can imagine, the southeast United States has been BUSY!

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