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Top 7 Weather Events of the Decade

Over the next few days, I'll rank the top 7 weather events of this decade.

Today (Sunday) we'll reflect on #7 and #6. I want to thank Meteorologist James Bryant, Barry Brandt, and John Robinson for their help on the list and rankings. Once we get to number 1 later in the week, I'll also have a few honorable mentions.

#7 - Record breaking summer heat of 2011.

June, July, and August became known as "Summer Discomfort". Monticello had their earliest 100° day on record June 4th. That set the tone for the rest of the summer. Dust storms engulfed northeast Arkansas by mid June.

Only .24'' of rain fell in Little Rock that July with numerous 100° days. By August 3rd, Little Rock reached an all-time record high of 114°. Silver Hill reached 116°, Russellville 115°, and Fort Smith 115°. Fort Smith experienced 46 days with readings 100° or higher with Little Rock experiencing 18 days. Here are a few other notable facts from that wretched summer:

- The warmest low temp. ever recorded in Little Rock was 85° on August 3rd

- Every July day was above 90 tying 3 other years for the most on record

- By average high temperature, July was the 5th hottest on record

-By average low temperature, July was the 2nd hottest on record

-It was the 3rd driest July on record

-June was the 3rd hottest by average high temperature

-June was the 4th warmest by average low temperature

- June was the 3rd hottest by average temperature

- On July 27th, LR hit 100°. This was the 1st 100 degree high in June since 1998.

To cool everyone down, I brought snow into the studio for a 10PM newscast in July.

#6 2012 Summer Heat and Drought

The summer of 2012 goes down as the 6th biggest weather event of the decade. This time, wildfires became widespread around the state with extreme drought. Many 4th of July celebrations were canceled.

On June 25th, much of central and western Arkansas reached 105 to 110°. That tied or set new all-time highs for the month of June. On June 28th, Little Rock and Harrison reached 107° and Batesville reached 111°.

Russellville ended up recording 25 consecutive 100 degree days. On July 30th, Little Rock recorded a high of 111° which was the 3rd hottest on record.

Check out all the wildfires around the state.

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