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Top 5 Christmas Gifts for the Weather Geek In Your Life

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

We all know one, right? You spend hours and hours trying to find the perfect gift for that special someone obsessed with the weather. I have a list of my top 5 gifts in no particular order.

  1. The Tempest Weather System by Weatherflow

The best home weather station on the market, in my opinion. I have had this for several years and it works great. I have to change the batteries a couple times a year, but now they make a solar powered version. These are a little pricey, but should last many years based on my experience. You can check the current conditions and rainfall amounts from your smartphone.

2. Subscription to Weatherbell Analytics

Love looking at models? There's more weather information on this site than anywhere on the web. It's almost information overload, but weathergeeks love it! If you decide to give a subscription to as a gift, your special someone will be immersed in so much data, you might need to increase your data plan. Might be an exaggeration, but there's a ton of great info.

3. Cool Weather Apparel

I have never bought from this store, but it does have a lot of cool weather apparel. They have shirts, leggings, socks, stickers, and footwear.

4. Radarscope or RadarOmega App

While the KATV weather app is great to have and it is free, if you want to take it up a notch, download one of these apps. You will have access to every single doppler in the country and all the products needed to do some serious storm tracking.

5. Storm Chase Tour in the Plains

Very pricey and a bit dangerous. Instead of going storm chasing on your own, there are several tours with trained chasers as your guide. You'll ride along in a van with other weather enthusiasts from around the world and chase storms in the Plains. I produced a story several years ago with Roger Hill of Sliver Lining Tours and it was incredible. A man came all the way from Australia to chase storms. Also, I featured a blind man who always wanted to chase storms. I found his story fascinating and you can watch it below. It's from MANY years ago.

Again, these are pricey and beware! While these chasers are very well trained, it is dangerous. There are several different companies and I'll list a few below. The only one I have experience with is Silver Lining Tours so I can't give you any insight into the others.

Silver Lining Tours

Tempest Tours

Extreme Storm Tours


My friend, Ben Williams, mentioned a guided fishing trip would be a great gift. I agree! If you know someone who wants to catch A LOT of trout, check out Spiritual Ministry Outdoors

How about crappie fishing? Jerry McCready is the man! Great guided trips on Greers Ferry Lake! CLICK FOR FOR MORE INFORMATION


Gift ideas keep coming to me. How about a snow machine? They are pricey, but you can also make your own and greatly reduce the cost. Watch this story which aired on our company's "National Weather Desk". It was produced a couple months ago. Also, you will find all snow making packages and free plans to build your own on WWW.SNOWATHOME.COM