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Too Good To Be True!

Late May should be warm and humid. Memorial Day weekend typically features an early taste of Arkansas summer. Maybe not this year!

I have to remind myself it's only Tuesday and what the data shows today can easily change tomorrow. However, the Euro and GFS do show the front clearing the state leading to dry air and sunny skies with temperatures a little below average. It's rare to get a front through the state entirely this time of year, but easier now than later into June and July. It could happen, but I'm a little skeptical right now.

While the dry air may be too good to be true, there is a storm threat and we need to watch this carefully! The front will spark off a round of storms Thursday evening north of the state, then they will move into Arkansas Thursday night into Friday morning. Timing will still need to be adjusted, but it appears after midnight for much of the Channel 7 viewing area. High winds will be the primary severe weather threat. The storms will be at their strongest over northern Arkansas, then gradually weaken on their journey south. We'll keep you updated!!!

Enhanced risk for severe storms just outside of the Channel 7 viewing area. Slight risk into the northern portions of our viewing area. The worst will be north and west of the state late Thursday night into Friday morning. This will still be adjusted in the coming days.

It's the time of year we see these storm complexes roll through the region. They typically have high winds as the main threat.

The European dewpoint temperatures Saturday afternoon through Monday afternoon. The higher the number, the more uncomfortable the air. Below 60 this time of year is a winner!!!!! Once again, this is hard to believe, but there is model agreement showing the moisture getting wiped out of Arkansas!

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