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To Snow Or Not To Snow

There's all this talk about ice and those wanting snow are wondering when that could happen. BTW, that includes me too. Last week, we warned "wintry weather" did NOT only include snow.

With an arctic airmass advancing in, it's ice we worry about. Please refer to, the KATV weather app, and Channel 7 News for the newest info on that.

The GFS wants to bring in snow Saturday as the cold air pours into Arkansas. I think it's overdoing it. Maybe flurries, but our next real chance COULD arrive Monday or Tuesday of next week. PLEASE REMEMBER, when the models show wintry weather in the long range, it rarely verifies. However, this could be a little different. The cold air should already be in place. It's a matter of track and how much moisture. So at this time, I would say it's possible, but don't hang your hat on it at this time.

An overwhelming majority of the European ensembles have some sort of snow Monday into Tuesday. All this does is give the operational model credibility and therefore ups our confidence a bit.

THESE ARE COMPUTER MODELS AND NOT FORECASTS. The Euro is the most aggressive at this time with a mix of snow and ice across the state.

GFS has backed off a bit, but still shows a quick shot of light snow late Monday into Tuesday morning

Canadian has a quick shot of light snow or flurries

In summary, while there could be a few flurries Saturday, there COULD be another chance for a quick area of light snow early next week. It will all come down to track and how much moisture will be available. If anything falls, it should be frozen and remember, when arctic air is in place, anything can happen.

Thanks for trusting Channel 7, the team with the most experience.

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