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This Is Peak Time For Tornadoes

According to modern tornado history, we are entering the peak time for tornadoes in Arkansas. We have been very fortunate for the lack of activity this year and I see nothing major over the next several days. That leaves us with May, then our primary tornado season will end.

I want to be clear about 2 things. First, severe weather can happen anytime of the year so always be weather aware. Second, our two biggest tornado outbreaks occurred outside of our primary severe weather season. The biggest was in January of 1999 and the other in June of 1916.

Modern tornado history dates back to 1950. I have gone through every day from January to June and counted the number of tornadoes. You can clearly see the trend line is up in late April into early May, then a sharp decrease late May into June.


Again, the trend line is obvious. Tornadic activity ramps up in April into the middle of May. By June, we get more into a summertime pattern and the main threat for tornadoes moves to the northern United States.

There are a few interesting things from my research.

1) March 2nd and 8th, Arkansas has not had a tornado since 1950

2) March 31st, Arkansas has only had 1 tornado

3) In April, every day has seen tornadoes with only 1 reported on April 6th and April 28th.

4) No tornadoes have been reported on May 29th since 1950.

5) Days with the most tornadoes... Obviously, January 21st has the most with 55 in 1 day. March 1st had 42 tornadoes with many of those in 1997. April 3rd has had 39 tornadoes followed by April 24th with 33 and April 30th with 36.

Let's hope the remainder of spring is quiet. Always remember, it only takes one. Thanks for trusting Channel 7, the team with the most experience.

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