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This Is Getting Ridiculous

We've issued an APB (All-Points Bulletin) for Fall! If anyone can find it, send it to Arkansas.

Trust me, I'm looking for cool air and not finding it. The best we can do is tropical moisture to knock temperatures down a few degrees late this week, but the humidity increases at the same time. Going into next week, we warm back up into the lower 90s. Beyond next week, I think we're going to need to count on the lowering sun angle and shorter daylight hours to bring temperatures down a few degrees, but they will likely stay above average.

At times, model guidance shows a cold front pushing through the state, but I haven't seen solid evidence to jump on that bandwagon.

Daily records aren't going down, but a couple will be close. Also, there are other records to watch. All of the following is preliminary...

- The record high Tuesday is 100° set in 1896. Unlikely to break it, but we'll be within 4 degrees.

-The record high Wednesday is 98° set in 2005. Again, within a few degrees, but unlikely to break it.

- If we hit 90° Tuesday, and it looks very likely, that will make 17 consecutive September days with readings 90° or higher. That's the longest stretch for the month of September in Little Rock weather history

-We have 16 days of 90°+ temps this month. The most ever in September is 22. That's within reach!

-For the 1st half of September, those 15 days rank as the 7th warmest by average high temperature with 94.1°

-For the 1st half of September, those 15 days rank as the 15th warmest on record according to average low temperature.

-For the 1st half of September, those 15 days rank as the 5th warmest average monthly temperature on record.

-Looking at the ENTIRE month, this is the hottest by average high temperature on record. With half a month to go, this will likely change.

-Looking at the ENTIRE month, this is 2nd warmest by average low temperature with a half month to do. This too will likely change.

-Looking at the ENTIRE month, this is the warmest September by average monthly temperature. With about 2 weeks to go, this will likely change.

The bottom line, this is going to go down in history as one of the warmest Septembers in recorded Little Rock weather history.

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