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The Silver Lining To This Cloud

There's a lot of worrisome news out there and it's for good reason, but I'm going to take a moment to look at the bright side.

  • Some schools are closed, parents are working from home, and events have been canceled. It's a wonderful time to pause and reconnect with family. Life has slowed down and it's an opportunity to enjoy and cherish your family.

  • This virus appears to be hitting the elderly population. Give those you know a call, check up on them, and ask if they need any food or supplies. During the busy hustle and bustle of life, letting them know how much you appreciate them isn't something we do often enough. I lost my dad several years ago and would have enjoyed more time to talk and reconnect.

  • The economy is slowing. If you have the means, now is a great time to take friends and family out to eat and eat locally. Support those who may be suffering economically.

  • I think we always knew public health is important, but we are facing a sobering reminder it's crucial to a functioning society. Wash your hands and listen to the experts. We'll get through this and learn how to minimize or maybe stop this from happening again.

Thanks for reading.

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