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The New Weather Normal

Every 10 years, temperatures and precipitation averages are updated to encompass the previous 30 years. The climate statistics for 1991 to 2020 were just released this week and there are significant changes for the metro compared to the previous 30 year normals (1981-2010).

A few of my takeaways after glancing at the data

- Yearly average snow has increased

- Seasonal (meteorological winter) snow has increased

- Yearly rainfall averages have increased

- November was our wettest month of the year and now it's April

- May and December tie for the 2nd wettest month of the year

- The driest month of the year is now September and not August.

- Average highs, average lows, and the overall average temperature have mostly decreased

- Nationally, most of the country is warmer compared to the previous 30 years.

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