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Thanksgiving Travel Trouble

It's the busiest travel day of the year and a little more than a week away. It's absolutely impossible to nail down specifics this far out, but a storm system may affect the central United States, including Arkansas.

Temperatures should be below average, but that does not mean Arkansas will have anything frozen. A round of rain does appear to be a good bet at some point Thanksgiving week and the models are pointing towards the middle of the week. We'll always keep you updated on the next weather maker.

The Euro at 500mb (about 20 thousand feet up) has a significant storm system rolling through the southern plains by the middle of next week. The red area centered over Arkansas and Missouri quite strong!

The GFS also has a significant storm system. However, timing and placement this far out is highly uncertain. This has the storm centered just west of Arkansas the day before Thanksgiving.

Euro Ensembles 2 meter temperature anomalies for the 5 day from Wednesday into Sunday (Thanksgiving weekend) has a good chance for below average temperatures over the central and eastern United States.

NOAA has a good chance for below average temperatures in the 8-14 day time period which includes Thanksgiving.

Odds show a good chance for average to above average precip. in the same time range.

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