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Sweatember Turns Into Octobrrrrrr

It's right on schedule! Remember that Tweet 2 weeks ago about grasshoppers? The late and great KATV General Manager, Dale Nicholson, swore a strong cold front would sweep through the state 2 weeks after grasshoppers appeared on the 3rd floor windows at KATV. That won't be too far off!

The perfect ingredients for brilliant fall colors are cool temperatures and some rainfall. We have BOTH this year! Over the past few years, summer temperatures rolled through much of the fall. That should not be the case this year. Most of the modeling I have examined indicates a few shots of cool air over the next couple weeks. The first arrives this weekend with a much stronger push arriving by the middle of next week. Both should come with rainfall and some of it could be heavy.

How cool? The average high by the end of the month is in the low 80s. Guidance shows a high chance for well below average temperatures. It's not unreasonable to have highs in the 60s/70s with lows in the 40s. Kinda hard to believe with near record breaking highs right now, but it should happen. As I always say, there are no guarantees in weather until after it happens. However, it's hard to ignore what the models show at this time. I think there's a much greater than 50/50 chance a fall chill is on the way.

7 day rainfall ending late Wednesday, September 26th. With at least 2 rounds of rainfall, amounts could range from 2-4'' or more, especially across western and northern Arkansas.

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