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Stormy Saturday

Not stormy for everyone, but strong to severe thunderstorms will be possible this Saturday morning into the mid afternoon especially across the southeast half of the state.

- High winds will be the main threat within storms and high winds not associated with thunderstorms. A few trees could tip over due to the saturated ground

-Flash flooding is the next threat. The ground can't absorb water and it will run off.

-A tornado or two will be possible, especially east

-Not everyone will have storms. The most favored area is along the I-30 corridor up the 67/167 corridor eastward

-The threat is this morning into the mid afternoon.

Dewpoints are a good indicator of surface moisture. Once 55 degrees or higher, significant severe weather possible. That corridor is across the southeast half of the state

9AM simulated rdar. Storms with lightning, heavy rainfall, and possible hail

Noon simulated radar. Threats high winds, hail, and an isolated tornado. Remember, this will not be perfect. Simulated radar has flaws, but it has a good general idea where the storms should be located.

By 2PM, storms will be in southeast Arkansas and exiting the state shortly after. Then the remainder of the weekend looks good weatherwise.