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State of the Summer Address

When we head into an Arkansas summer, we always know it will get hot. The question always boils down to, "how hot"? Pun intended.

June started off hot and dry. I admit, I thought it would carry on into the rest of the summer. It did not and it will not. As stated here on the Arkansas Weather Blog, the worst of the heat and humidity is in our rear view mirror. It will get hot, but our days of triple digit heat is likely behind us. We average 7 days of 100°+ heat each year. So far, we have only had 2. Last summer we didn't have any. Not bad at all for Arkansas!

Have you seen the winter forecast from Meteorologist Joe Bastardi? Check it out on their site. The Saturday Summer video is free to watch. If you like cold and snow, you'll like watching what Joe has to say.

Everything through the 13th is a look at what has actually happened. From today (August 14th) to the 31st, that's the forecast based on model and ensemble guidance. Could there be an above average day thrown in somewhere? Yes, but generally, the rest of this month should be cooler than average and wetter than average too.

The 6-10 day outlook heavily favors below average temperatures for much of the central United States including Arkansas.

The 8-14 day outlook continues with the unusually cooler pattern.

June was 1.7 degrees above the average. We broke even in July. As of the 13th of August, it's 3° below average. Since we still have more than half the month to go, this will change, but not by much. On this pace, we'll be close to an average summer or even slightly below.

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