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Spring Storms

From near record breaking cold to spring storms within a few days, it's how you "Arkansas".

A fast moving storm system will bring rain and storms Thursday morning. The main threats at that time will be heavy rainfall, lightning, and hail. There will be little if any surface based instability at this time, but later in the day, instability levels will increase a little across southern Arkansas. If rain does not affect that portion of the state throughout the day, storms could become severe with wind and hail the main threats. An isolated tornado or two will be possible, but that threat is very much on the low end.

If there's any severe weather in the morning, it will be due to hail 1'' in diameter or larger. Again, this is a fast moving storm system, but a sign of things to come. This weekend looks unsettled starting Saturday afternoon with several waves of rain and storms. The severe threat is low, but there. Locally heavy rainfall could become an issue.

Today marks 11 years since a storm produced 10 tornadoes from Bryant to Cabot. I have the video of our coverage towards the bottom of this post. But first, simulated radar from the HRRR with instability levels plotted as well. Remember, simulated radars are never perfect.

By 9 AM Thursday, the surface based instability is in blue and green and well west of Arkansas. Showers and storms will be moving through western and central Arkansas with lightning, heavy rainfall, and maybe some hail as the main threats.

By noon, the area of rain and storms covers up much of Arkansas, except the south. That's where some instability (storm fuel) begins to develop.

By 3PM, we'll watch south central and southeast Arkansas for a severe storm threat. The instability levels are not that high. Nevertheless, storms may be capable of hail and wind at this time.

Slight risk for much of central and southern Arkansas. Maybe a little greater area across southern Arkansas.

When reporting severe hail, use this method. Never put yourself in any danger.

Download the KATV weather app for alerts to your smartphone.

Now onto the video of our tornado coverage from April 3rd, 2008.

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