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Spring Severe Weather Outlook

We have already had 12 tornadoes and possibly another yet to be confirmed. Active? Yes, to say the very least.

The much talked about cold air is here this week. The threat for frost and freezing conditions are on the table early this week and AGAIN this upcoming weekend.

Monday morning

Tuesday morning

Wednesday morning

And the Euro, not a forecast, shows the threat for another 2 or 3 nights starting next weekend.

No doubt we are getting a pause in the severe weather/heavy rain threat. However, I would expect that to increase later this month and especially April into May as the active pattern continues AND Gulf of Mexico Sea Surface Temperatures.

The water temperatures are well above average and this is very concerning. As the active severe weather pattern resumes, moisture return will not be an issue. This moisture transport will help any storm system produce very heavy rainfall and severe weather this spring. We have already seen this play out in January and February.

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