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Spooky Showers and Storms

Last week, I talked about the potential for near record highs Sunday and we ended up 5 degrees short of a 1927 record. Tuesday, we'll probably fall about 5-8 degrees short of the 1961 daily record high of 87 degrees. Warm air this time of year usually does not last long and getting to that colder air comes at a price and that's why we call it our secondary severe weather season. With that said, I don't see much in the way of severe weather. I think that will be confined to Texas and Louisiana. However, there is a very small chance for an isolated strong to perhaps severe storm across southeast Arkansas. This was discussed all weekend on Channel 7. By far, the biggest threat will be heavy rainfall. Mother Nature has absolutely lousy timing. All of this will unfold on Halloween.

The rain we're expecting Wednesday will vault Little Rock well above 7 inches for the month. Why is this important? We will continue the streak of each month being wetter than the previous month since May. Not unusual with El Nino developing in the Pacific. It usually means unsettled weather for our area of the country. Now, if we can just get cold air involved. Be patient, winter is still off in the distance.

As outlined on the news all weekend long, there is an area across southern Arkansas for a strong to perhaps severe storm. The threat is low. Heavy rain will be a bigger issue at this time.

Amounts will range from 3-4'' across much of central, southern, and eastern Arkansas.

The following maps are computer model simulations. They are never perfect, but this does look reasonable.

By Thursday morning, we'll have a "COLD NOVEMBER RAIN". The heavy rain will be gone, but a period of light rain will be likely the first half of the day.

Now, what about Race For the Cure? I think it will be dry and cold. Look for temperatures near 40 around 7AM, then jumping into the 50s by the end of the race. Don't forget our live coverage on Saturday Daybreak from 7AM to 10AM.

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