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Something to Watch Next Week

Guidance has been very consistent with a rather significant storm system arriving by the middle of next week.

what exactly it brings can't be determined just yet. This time of year, it can bring several different types of weather.

Here's what we know so far. The GFS moves the system in and out quickly which limits the heavy rainfall potential. The Euro, which has been more reliable lately, slows it down. This would bring the potential for some heavy rainfall and allow colder air to get involved on the western side of the precipitation shield. Once again, way too early to get specific, but it is something we will need to monitor.

This is the GFS late Tuesday. It is faster! This model would bring a round of rain and storms. Nothing unusual.

The European is much slower and digs the system further south. This would bring significant rainfall AND wintry weather further south on the back side.

Climate Prediction Center has outlined much of our region with a slight risk for heavy rainfall in this time period.

Weather Prediction Center rainfall forecast only goes out to 6AM Wednesday, February 2nd. It only captures the beginning of this event.

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