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Snowy Weekend

The chance for accumulating and significant snow is increasing for portions of Arkansas.

Again, this will be a case where some will be very happy and others not so happy. The typical places like northern Arkansas stand the best chance.

While I love snow, I completely understand the consequences of it. Since this is falling during the weekend, hopefully those who do receive the snow can just stay home, relax, and enjoy. Send you pictures and video to

This is all coming down to the track and that's the case every single time! Also, temperatures... At this time, it looks like rain, then a change to snow for many of you.

You came here for the data, so here we go. Remember, models are not forecasts.

Euro ensemble chance for at least 1'' of snow. The mountains of northern Arkansas and the Ouachitas look great for accumulating snow. It's picking up on a swath of snow from northeast AR eastward. Sharp decrease south.

Euro chance for at least 3''. It decreases drastically, except north

The GFS ensemble similar, but still differences. The Euro is more aggressive

MODELS ARE NOT FORECASTS. The Euro pics up on the heavy mountain snow and the swatch to the east. Do not pay attention to the amounts. Just look at the placement of the heaviest snow. I know you see the 5'' + for central Arkansas. The next run of the Euro had 1''. See why we don't go off one run? Look at placement and trends.

GFS heaviest north. That's pretty consistent with all the data. MUCH lower amounts south, but still a little snow.

I really like this. It's the National Blend of Models. Again, the amounts will need to be adjusted, but I like the placement of the snow with a sharp drop off south.

At this time, minor to moderate impacts north and east. Also impacts in the Ouachitas.

So now you probably see the trend. Northern and eastern Arkansas with lesser amounts south. There could be higher amounts in the mountains of west central Arkansas. Stay with KATV Channel 7, the team with the most experience.