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Snow in November? Yes, it does happen, but not often. I really think at the end of the day, if you live in northern or western Arkansas, this will be one of those "WOW" events. No need to go out and buy milk and bread. With temperatures near or above freezing, accumulation will mainly be on grassy surfaces and it will not be on the ground long.

Statewide, the big weather story will be a very cold rain followed by gusty winds and near record cold.

With the VERY cold temperatures, I'm going to attempt to make my own snow with the SnowAtHome SG6 Extreme snowmaker. I'm taking it up a notch this year with a bigger machine. Instead of "Operation Flurry", I'm calling it "Operation Blizzard". Temperatures might be cold enough Tuesday morning, but with gusty winds, it will be difficult to keep the snow from blowing down the street. I think Wednesday morning will be perfect with lows around 22-26 degrees with little wind. Tentatively, the plan is to make snow on Channel 7 Daybreak. You'll have a chance to win your own snow machine!!!!!

If you're interested in seeing what we did last winter, click the link, "Make Snow" above. It's loaded with good info, pictures, and video.

FYI, the record low Wednesday morning is 22° set in 1986. We will challenge that.

The following maps are from the RPM and it's simulated radar. Never perfect, but it is doing a decent job. I have placed the 32° line (Blue) from the NAM on the maps. Everything south of it is above freezing, north below. Notice most of the precip will fall in air above freezing. However, the temps in the higher elevations may drop enough for some accumulation of wet snow on grassy surfaces and exposed objects. While I'm expecting a cold rain for much of central Arkansas, it would not be impossible for it to mix with wet snow flakes late in the day. Southern Arkansas, I expect it to stay all rain.

Towards the end of this blog post is a sneak peek into Thanksgiving. If you want this cold weather to stick around, you're going to be disappointed. As a matter of fact, the cold air will retreat and mild conditions return for much of the country. Sadly, I don't think we're done with our secondary severe weather season just yet. If that happens, it will be wayyyy down the road.

Near record low Wednesday morning. Possible snowmaking morning. Watch Daybreak!

Most of the models indicate temperatures above average for most of the country Thanksgiving. No cold turkey.

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