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Severe Wednesday

Strong to severe thunderstorms will be likely today, especially over eastern Arkansas. As expected, the models are now showing just enough instability along with plenty of wind energy. There will the threat for high winds and an isolated tornado or two. This is kinda similar to what we had Saturday, but remember, no two storm systems are exactly alike.

Here are the main points

-storms will cross the state from west to east.

-They should increase in intensity once into central Arkansas around mid-afternoon and continue to become stronger once into eastern Arkansas late this afternoon.

-High winds is the greatest severe weather threat. We can't rule out a tornado or two

-Winds not associated with thunderstorms will be very strong and capable of knocking trees down. Those winds will last through at least Thursday morning

-This will be the last rain chance and the last severe weather threat for at least 7 days!

The morning run of the HRRR. Not perfect, but a good handle on the situation.

Watch not only the line, but any cells ahead of it.

Severe threat at it's greatest late afternoon and early evening eastern Arkansas.