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Severe Weather Season. Here We Go!

Before I get into the season ahead, I want to talk about the last few days. 2 marginal risks and 1 slight risk since late last week and not a single severe weather report anywhere within the Channel 7 viewing area. If you know me or have been following me, you know how much I do not like "marginal risks."

I'm a big believer in "less is more" and "keep it simple". Many years ago, marginal was shown by SPC as "see text". You would read their statement and it would simply mention the risk for typical thunderstorms. The direction the SPC has gone means marginal risks will be issued everyday through the summer. That's a little exaggeration. When there's a legitimate risk for severe thunderstorms, it should start out at "slight, moderate, then high." Otherwise, you risk becoming the boy who cries wolf.

While we thankfully did NOT have any severe reports this weekend, I don't think we'll be so lucky this spring. We're in a La Nina and those have a tendency of producing a lot of severe weather directly over our region of the country.

Look at the right panels. Hail and tornado reports are more frequent over Arkansas during a La Nina and we're solidly in one at this time.

I also like to look at the Gulf of Mexico sea surface temperature anomalies. That's the fuel for storms and if those temperatures are above average, it can add more fuel to the fire. If they are below average, it takes time for rich moisture to advance northward and the severe weather season can be delayed. I'd say there's plenty of fuel readily available.

In summary, buckle up. I think it's going to get very bumpy this spring. Have 2 ways to receive warnings and one of those should be the KATV Weather App. It always knows your location as long as you have that setting on.

Also, NEVER rely on outdoor sirens. Those are only meant to warn you if outside.

Thanks for trusting KATV Channel 7, the team with the most experience.

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