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Severe To Cold

Going from unseasonable warmth to arctic cold usually means things get bumpy.

We'll have a couple chances for severe weather, then a brief shot of arctic cold will move into the state. At this time, I do not think the cold will hold, but once it leaves, I don't think we'll soar to record highs again in the near future.

There has been much talk about the chance for winter weather. What the models give, they take away. As of Tuesday morning the chance is mostly gone. However, it's always possible for something to happen. The modeling Monday showed a couple scenarios which would result in wintry weather. First, moisture lagging in the cold air changing to sleet and snow before ending. Another possibility was a wave developing on the arctic front resulting in more moisture thrown into the cold air. Both scenarios are gone on the modeling and it appears the cold rapidly engulfs the state Saturday afternoon and evening. Therefore, the big weather story will be the big temperature change. With that said, we MUST pay attention to the threat for severe storms.

There will be 2 threats. The first arrives Wednesday afternoon and the other arrives late Friday into Saturday morning. The main threats will be wind and hail, but a tornado can't be ruled out.

Slight risk for severe storms eastern Arkansas Wednesday afternoon.

Main threats

Late Friday into Saturday morning another low risk for severe storms

Huge change in air mass Saturday afternoon from northwest to southeast

Wind chill values Sunday morning will be brutal as the coldest air of the season so far settles into the state.

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