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Severe Thunderstorm Warning Changes

There are important changes to severe thunderstorm warnings!

The degree of danger can vary greatly from one severe thunderstorm to the other. Starting Monday August 2nd, severe thunderstorm warnings will be broken down into 3 categories to best describe the exact threat. You will need to read the text of the warning to get that important information.

1. Severe thunderstorm warning (Base) - Maximum wind speeds of 58-70 mph and/or hail 1'' to 1.5'' in diameter. These are your typical severe thunderstorm warnings.

2. Severe thunderstorm warning (Considerable Damage Threat) - Max wind speeds 70-80 mph and/or hail 1.75'' to 2.5'' in diameter. That's golf ball to tennis ball size.

3. Severe thunderstorm warning (Destructive Damage Threat) - Max wind speeds of 80 mph+ and/or hail 2.75'' in diameter. That's baseball size or greater. These warnings will also be disseminated differently. It will alert on cell phones as WEA through IPAWS.

Examples of what they will look like...




When any of these are issued, you need to stay inside and away from windows. It might even be a good idea to practice tornado warning precautions when a severe thunderstorm warning is tagged as "destructive".

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