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Severe Storms Tonight

Damaging winds and tornadoes will be possible tonight across much of the Channel 7 viewing area. Here are the key points you should know...

  1. A line of storms will develop and push into western Arkansas after 9PM. The main threat will be damaging winds in excess of 60mph.

  2. The line may contain embedded tornadoes. These will likely be brief. They can develop and dissipate quickly, but are intense.

  3. Any storms forming ahead of the main line will have an enhanced tornado potential.

  4. A tornado watch will be issued tonight and you need a way to receive warnings and you must have a plan to find a safe place. Make sure your friends and family are aware of the situation tonight.

  5. This storm system is very common in the south even for January. However, this is coming in at night when people are asleep and that's when people get hurt. Again, have a way to receive warnings loud enough to wake you up. DO NOT RELY ON OUTDOOR WARNING SIRENS.

  6. Charge electronic devices.

  7. Download the KATV weather app and KATV news app for LIVE streaming coverage. IT'S FREE!

  8. We'll have our weather center staffed ALL NIGHT LONG. If there's a threat to life and/or property, we'll be on the air for you.

  9. There's no reason to panic or be worried. Again, a very typical, but potent storm system. Have a plan in place in case you are put under a warning.

  10. Flash flooding may also be an issue. Do not drive into areas where water covers the road.

Check out the following maps for threats and approximate timing.

Moderate risk for much of the southern 1/2 of the state. This means widespread severe storms will be possible

Tornado threat medium and a watch will be issued. Hail threat mainly far west. Damaging wind threat is high and that's our concern.

After 9PM, a line of storms will be entering western Arkansas. High winds and embedded tornadoes will be possible. Any storm ahead of the line will have an enhanced tornado risk.

By midnight, the line is getting into central Arkansas. Remember, the timing will not be perfect with these radar simulations. High winds will be the main threat along with isolated tornadoes.

By 2AM, they will be over the metro or very close. Again, high winds likely along with heavy rain

By 4AM, they're moving into eastern Arkansas. There's a chance this begins to accelerate and move faster at this point.

Around 7 to 8AM, the threat is over for Arkansas.

Snow possible northwest with light accumulations, especially higher elevations.