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Seasons To Clash. This Is What's Next In Arkansas Weather

It's going to warm up, but winter is lurking again around the corner. Will we have snow and ice again? It's way too early to tell, but the pattern will once again go back to one which favors it. Keep in mind, as we go into March, it gets more and more difficult for winter weather around here, but it can happen!

After a mild week, I suspect a few rounds of heavy rain and strong storms as we swing back into a colder pattern. Severe storms? Our primary severe weather season is underway and that's certainly possible.

If this looks familiar, you're right! This is similar to the past couple set ups. This is a birds eye view of the northern hemisphere. Not this week, but the following week, we see ridging going up into Alaska. The flow of air will push cold into the plains, but it meets resistance with the flat ridge southeast of us. This is where the storm track will become active and a "battle zone" is expected with waves of rain and storms. Wintry weather is possible along the north side of any system tracking through the region.

Temperature anomalies from March 6th through the 13th. Cold here and northwest vs the mild air to the southeast. You see where the potential trouble will develop.

Precipitation anomalies March 3rd through the 13th. Quite a bit should fall from Arkansas into the Ohio River Valley.

Bottom line summary... while it's impossible to nail down anything specific, we are recognizing well in advance a stormy pattern. In March, things can get wild with major swings from warm to cold with a variety of weather across the region. This set up says we are going to be working many extra hours as we get deeper into March.

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