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Remembering Mom

It's something most of us have to go through, but we're never prepared for when it does happen.

A little more than a month ago, my mom was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. She passed away Friday, February 17th peacefully and in no pain surrounded by family.

"In sickness and in heath". My mom defined this vow we sometimes forget about. My dad had a heart attack and stroke within 2 weeks in December 1993. It left him in a wheel chair until he died in 2002. She cared for him for 9 years. No one else! It was all her! Before I asked my wife to marry me in late 2002, I asked myself if I would do the same for her and she for me. The answer was obviously, yes. The life she led was a shining example of the perfect mom, wife, and friend to so many she touched.

When I was 6 years old, I told my parents I wanted to be a meteorologist. They did everything they could to encourage me. It included tours of the National Weather Service Office in NLR, tours of TV stations, and buying several home weather observation stations.

Some of you may remember a promotion on Channel 7 many years ago about this weather blog. She LOVED doing that promo! I'll post it below.

Many years ago, when I filled in on Daybreak, my mom would always wake up at 6:30 and turn on the TV as she got ready for work. Chris Kane and Alyson Courtney would toss to me and I would always start that quick weather with "good morning, mom". When I filled in for Barry on the 10PM newscast, after the newscast, I would give her a call to check in on her and say goodnight. Those are the things I'm really going to miss as I go back to work.

Life moves on and I'll be back at the station soon. Thank you to all who have reached out over the past few weeks. Also, thanks to Barry, Melinda, and James. They didn't hesitate to jump in and cover for me when I had to abruptly leave the station.

Please always remember "Momma Yak"

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