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Record Lows, Frost, Freeze, and Maybe Snow North

Concern is increasing for all of the above Tuesday into Wednesday morning. There's even a chance it will be cold enough for frost again Thursday morning.

Wednesday morning

Euro 36°

GFS 34°

Record 39° (1983)

Thursday morning

Euro 38°

GFS 42°

Record 38° (1927)

I know very little about farming, but this can't be good in late April. I remember the horrible freeze in early April 2007 and that devastated fruit growers. At this time, I do not think it will get as cold as that April, but I still expect a frost and freeze.

What can save us? clouds and wind! This could hold temperatures up some and prevent frost as well. While that's possible, it's best to prepare.

Remember the record cold in February? Not long after that, temperatures soared. I'm willing to bet the same thing will happen within a couple weeks. Because of the cold air coming out of Canada and the suppressed storm track, we are not receiving the rain we should this time of year and that worries me.

The cold front arrives Tuesday afternoon with a major temperature contrast across the state. Within the cold air in the higher elevations of the Ozarks, a few snowflakes may fall.

The Euro does show the possibility for light snow in the mountains. This will have little to no impacts. It's just a "WOW!" thing. Notice we have had record cold and snow in April frequently the past few years? Here we go again.

The GFS shows a similar outcome late Tuesday.

I expect frost advisories and freeze warnings Wednesday. Remember, clouds and wind could help minimize the impact, but we need to prepare.

10 day rainfall looks minimal with most of the Channel 7 viewing area with an inch or less for late April. That's not good. HOWEVER, you must be careful with what you ask for around here.

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