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POOF! It's Gone.

Any significant chance for wintry weather is gone next week, but I wouldn't give up entirely for 2 reasons. You can't live run to run with the models in the long range. Also, there is SOME ensemble support on the GFS for something light. It appears the moisture is suppressed to far south for anything to happen with this run of the models. I find that hard to believe the moisture will be suppressed that far.

At this time, I still say there's a very small chance. However, it does appear another very cold high is coming out of Canada. After a BIG warm up this weekend into Monday, the big chill is back!

Euro has the moisture furthest north early next Thursday with clouds over Arkansas. NOTHING. However, it's cold.

The operational GFS has a VERY quick round of LIGHT moisture early Wednesday. AGAIN, this is a model with a cold and snowy bias. Look with caution.

I know this looks a little weird. This is the GFS ensemble. It's a bunch of models run several times a day. It has 20 members to it and 12 of them show a little snow by the middle of next week. Again, I would not get overly excited at this time. The Euro ensembles have basically NOTHING.

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