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November Snow

It happened last year and it may happen again this year. SNOW! However, if you remember 2018, it was more widespread and southern Arkansas received several inches. THIS year, the greatest chance will be across the northern portions of Arkansas. However, it would not be impossible for a few flakes to fly further south, but any accumulation looks UNLIKELY at this point.

There's no doubt, the air next week will be the coldest so far this season and record lows will be challenged! As the cold air pours into the state Monday, moisture could meet up with the air cold enough to support wintry weather. The greatest chance for this will be over northern Arkansas. Further south, a mix will be possible before it comes to an end. My usual disclaimer, this is Thursday and we know how fast things can change around here! If the moisture leaves quickly, NO snow. On the other hand, if the cold arrives faster, then it gets interesting. This post only pertains to the newest model information as of Thursday.

Late Monday, the air over northern Arkansas will be well below freezing with the back edge of the precip moving through. This is the most likely area for any accumulation. Further south, it's just a bit above freezing with a cold rain. However, as the moisture moves out, a mix will be possible briefly according to this data. At this time, no accumulation central and south... "at this time"

GFS is picking up on the possibilities across northern Arkansas. Remember, not a forecast. It's a model.

The Euro is in some agreement with the GFS which increases confidence there could be SOME accumulation across far northern Arkansas late Monday afternoon and evening.

Temperatures next Wednesday morning will be near records! Great for snow making operations in my backyard! LOL

Wind chill readings Monday through Wednesday will be brutal for this time of year.

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