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No Rest For The Weary! Active 7 Days Ahead

We will end 2018 very wet. With each drop of rain, we'll inch closer to the top 5 wettest years in Little Rock weather history. It's very possible for 2018 to end up as #4 on the list. Rain will be widespread and locally heavy Sunday night into Monday. However, we continue to expect the rain to be out of here well before any New Year's Eve parties start in the evening.

It will not take much to get to number 4 on this list, but it will be tough to get any higher. 2018 was a VERY wet year.

Only .49'' of rain needed and the Euro and GGS say that will be no problem! Again, rain begins late Sunday and ends Monday morning.

After this rain event, our attention turns to the potential for wintry weather Wednesday and Thursday. There are still plenty of differences between the models about how this plays out. The Euro is the most aggressive with a potent strong closed low and it's further north into Arkansas. If you love snow, you're rooting for this early Saturday run of the model.

500mb early Thursday AM. That would cause issues for at least the northern half of the state. Before you get your hopes up, this model has been waffling a bit along with all the other models.

The GFS is further south and is oriented in a way which would favor an area of rain along the Gulf coast states. IF this verifies, the northern end of the precip shield COULD have wintry weather and that would be across southern Arkansas.

As always, it comes to track and intensity of the storm system. A strong closed low on the right track would favor wintry weather. A more open system still can, but in this case, it would not be significant. It always has to line up just right for Arkansas to get wintry weather. It's Saturday and this doesn't arrive until the middle of next week. There will be plenty of time to sort out the details. At this time, if you love wintry weather, don't get your hopes up just yet. We'll continue to monitor for you.

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