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Ned Perme, The Legend

Chief Meteorologist Ned Perme can only be described using one word, "LEGEND". There will never be a more recognizable, larger than life, likable, and professional TV personality in the history of Arkansas TV. I have had the great honor of working with him over these past 13 years. KATV is what it is today because of Ned Perme. It's the house Ned built over the past 3 decades!

There were 2 times I have been in awe during my time at KATV. When I first arrived, I was filling in for Ned one night. I sat on the desk for my last weather at the end of the show. I looked to my right and Paul Eells was sitting there adjusting his tie during a commercial break. I remember thinking to myself, "holy cow, I'm sitting on the same anchor desk as Paul Eells."

The 2nd moment was not long after during a severe weather event. I looked over to my left and thought, "WOW! I'm working severe weather with Ned Perme." I tease Ned that I grew up watching him. When he predicted snow, I would wake up throughout the night to see if the ground was white hoping school would be canceled.

As Sully put it, he's the last personality from the "Golden Age" of television. Watching Ned on live shots was amazing. He absolutely owned it. I don't how much planning was involved, but it was always different and his personality filled the screen.

His guidance in severe weather put our viewers at ease knowing Ned was there. It's because of his guidance over more than 3 decades KATV weather is number 1.

Barry, Melinda, James, and I have an incredible responsibility. We must and will ensure what Ned built stays strong and continues to grow. A new era is beginning and Ned laid down the foundation that will last much longer than anyone at KATV.

Thanks Ned for your guidance and what you have done for us and everyone in Arkansas. Enjoy your well deserved retirement.

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