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Near Record Cold

Spring and winter will battle it out Easter Sunday. As you know, severe storms will be possible and there's much more info on PLUS social media. I want to write about the near record cold next week. While I don't think records will be broken, we'll be within a few degrees. I think our morning lows will be highly dependent upon wind and cloud cover. Those two elements will hold temperatures up a bit. However, if we clear out and winds diminish, look out! Frost/freeze will be possible, especially northern Arkansas. If you planted anything sensitive to cold weather, be prepared to cover those plants.


Monday April 13th: 31° in 1940 Tuesday April 14th: 35° in 1950 Wednesday April 15th: 33° in 1983 Thursday April 16th: 32° in 2018

One of our Channel 7 computer models has Wednesday as the coldest morning. That could be very close to a record. Outlying areas would be in danger of a freeze, but once again, how much wind and how many clouds? That can make a big difference and hold temperatures up a few degrees. Nevertheless, be prepared for a frost/freeze.

The following are from WeatherBELL.COM. This is the Euro.


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