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  • Todd Yakoubian

My Happy Place

1500 miles, 2 flights, and a little turbulence will get you to one of the most amazing places you'll ever go.

We all have our happy place. It's the place that stays mostly in our head and we go there mentally everyday. Physically being there is rare, but when it does happen, you savor every moment! For me, it's Whitefish, Montana.

How did I discover this spot? My first TV job was in Missoula, MT situated about 3 hours south of this northern Rocky gem. I wanted my first job to be some place cold and snowy. I got my wish!

Whitefish is a small western town which looks like a Christmas postcard all winter. From the festive downtown lights to the ski slopes above, you are transported to a place you thought only existed in the movies or through a work of art.

You can ski Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, etc with the long lift lines, sky high prices, and overcrowded slopes OR you can actually float on incredible powder and a fuller wallet. From the ticket window to the lift operator, they make you feel at home always wishing you a greet run down the mountain. There are so many reasons I could list to love this place, but I think a video will work better. The music is by local legend, John Dunnigan. He usually plays around town and you can catch him from time-to-time at the famous "Great Northern".

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