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More Severe Weather

One more round of strong to severe storms, then we will have a long dry stretch of weather.

This system coming through Wednesday has been highlighted here on the Arkansas Weather Blog and on KATV for several days now. Today, the Storm Prediction Center has placed much of central, eastern, and southern Arkansas in a slight risk for severe weather.

For severe weather, you need all the ingredients to come together for it to happen. At this time, we are lacking instability. However, if we have just enough, there will be plenty of wind energy to produce damaging wind gusts and a tornado or two can't be ruled out. I also have some concern because this is coming in during the peak heating of the day for some. I'll have the timing below.

Due to the lack of instability, I'm not anticipating an outbreak of severe weather. If this fuel is greater than predicted by the models, then more can be expected. I'll continue to monitor.

Slight risk in yellow Wednesday

The following images are from the RPM. Not perfect, but it has a good sense of timing.

By 11AM, the line is entering western Arkansas. At this time, these storms are strong, but likely not severe. As we go into the afternoon, the intensity may increase.

BY 2PM, the line is getting ready to enter central Arkansas. This will approach as schools are letting out. It will be important to stay weather aware! Storms should be increasing their intensity at this time, but widespread severe storms not likely.

By 8PM, storms are getting ready to cross the Mississippi River and will be quite strong. The severe threat is elevated at this time with high winds and a brief tornado possible

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