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Marching Into Spring

I have given up on any chance for snow in the Channel 7 viewing area based on all the data through mid March. Does Mother Nature throw curveballs? Sure! However, I just don't see it happening.

Now we must turn our attention to meteorological spring and our primary severe weather months of March, April, and May. Historically, the greatest threat for tornadoes is suppressed south of the state during the winter, but in March, it shifts northward with the jet stream.

Please read the previous blog post. It's the top 10 things you MUST know going into severe weather season.

March can be and typically is a wild month with major swings in the weather. Cold and warm are battling it out in the atmosphere. Look at some of these extremes for the month.

Arkansas Extremes

Highest temperature: 99° March 20, 1927 at El Dorado

Lowest temperature: -14° at Gravette and Lead Hill March 12, 1948

Most rainfall for a single day: 7.45'' at Antoine on March 8th, 1990

Highest monthly rainfall: 21.07'' at Big Fork in 1945

Most daily snowfall: 20.6'' at Hot Springs on March 17th, 1892

Highest monthly snowfall: 24.5'' at Gravette in 1970

Little Rock Extremes

Highest temperature: 91° March 31, 1974

Lowest temperature: 11° on March 3, 1943

Most rainfall for a single day: 4.32'' on March 9, 1878

Highest monthly rainfall: 10.43'' in 1897

Most daily snowfall: 12'' on March 6th, 1875

Highest monthly snowfall: 12'' 1875

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