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March Doing What March Does

Here we go with a wild and typical swing in the weather from this week to the following week. As the warmth of spring fights the lingering cold of winter, battles in the atmosphere can become quite serious.

This week will feature above average temperatures. Below are the 7 day temperature anomalies from Sunday March 7th through Sunday March 14th.

The single day temperature anomaly next Sunday shows the cold air advancing into the warmth of early spring.

The 7 day period of March 14th through the 21st has below average temperatures for much of the area according to the European ensembles. Remember, the average temperature is increasing each day so this is relative to average.

The European operational has the strong front moving across the state Sunday, March 15th. It's a week away so the exact timing is uncertain.

SPC has already outlined much of the state for a severe weather potential

There are several signals indicating winter will have one last stand the 2nd half of the month. Nothing like February though.

The arctic oscillation is heading towards neutral to possibly negative mid month and beyond.

The North Atlantic Oscillation heading neutral to negative

The Eastern Pacific Oscillation going negative too.


The overall pattern should turn colder for the 2nd half of the month, but nothing like February. The transition from the warmth this week to the cooler air the following week will be bumpy. In other words, a very typical springtime situation for the state. You know what else is typical? We'll be there to cover it for you.

Thanks for trusting the team with the most experience.

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