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Is The Worst of Summer Behind Us?

Who remembers July 2014? It was one of the coolest Julys on record for Little Rock and the state. I'll never forget getting this picture of viewers outside at the end of July

So far, we have had 2 days with temperatures 100° or higher. The average in a single year is 7. While we have plenty of summer to go, the worst MIGHT be behind us according to the models and guidance from the Climate Prediction Center. I want to be clear and say it will get hot again! BUT, the days of triple digit heat MIGHT be behind us.

When I think of the end of July and the beginning of August, I think of extreme heat like July 31st, 1986 when Little Rock reached a daily all-time high temperature of 112°. It couldn't get any hotter than that, right? Well, Mother Nature cranked the thermostat up to 114° on August 3rd, 2011. That now stands as the hottest temperature ever recorded in Little Rock weather history dating back to the 1880s. Like you, I will never forget that dreadful day!

This is the hottest time of the year and it feels more like May or early June and not the heart of summer. We have a few very, very comfortable days ahead of us with highs in the 80s and lows in the 50s and 60s. Then the heat returns, but it shouldn't be anything horrible. I'm already looking at the 8-14 day outlook which indicates temperatures will be pretty close to average. In that time period, average is in the lower 90s. With humidity, the "feels like" temperature may return to 100-105 degrees. Like I said, the heat isn't over, but maybe the worst is behind us.

The new "MUGGY-CAST" ( I love this) indicates vey humid air still over much of the state through Tuesday morning. Not oppressive, but still very humid for most of us.

LOOK at late Tuesday across northern Arkansas! The drier air begins to make a move into the state and will overspread the rest of Arkansas by mid week.

Like I said above, it will get well into the 90s again, but there are signs in the new 3-4 week temperature outlook of average to slightly below average temperatures. Maybe the worst of summer IS behind us! This is the period August 11th through August 24th. Back to school might not be too bad!

The 3-4 week temperature outlook also indicates rainfall will be near or above average in that August 11th through 24th time frame. With no extreme heat and some soil moisture, actual air temperatures hitting 100 degrees for the rest of the summer might be doomed!

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