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If It Was Only 7° Colder

Seems like that's the story of the winter for most winter weather lovers this year. However, you do NOT want it to go below freezing in this situation.

Ever since this event showed up on the modeling, I continue to say it's just not cold enough to produce significant snowfall. You MUST have the cold air in place (subfreezing) to have something big. You can still get winter weather, but not the big events I know some of you want.

The air aloft will be too warm to produce snow. If temperatures at the surface dropped to 32 or colder, it would be ice and no one wants that. While a cold rain is expected for most of us, the higher elevations will see freezing rain and sleet. There could be a little snow there, my confidence level on that is VERY low. Back on Monday I said on air the accumulating snow will be in Missouri. If you have travel plans, be advised.

From WeatherBell, the GFS total freezing rain is under .2'' and mainly in the higher elevations of northern Arkansas. Most likely not an ice storm, but a light glaze possible, especially when temperatures are coldest Friday night into early Saturday morning. It will not last long whatsoever.

WPC has a high chance for freezing rain amounts greater than .1'' over those colder spot of northern Arkansas. Again, snow really isn't the concern in this situation for Arkansas.

The 3KM Nam does indicate a light dusting of snow, but I have doubts about that. If it does happen, it's the higher elevations and near the Missouri border. Look at the amounts in Missouri! THAT'S WHERE THE PROBLEMS WILL EXIST.

Mainly 1'' of cold rain is expected for the northwest half of the state. This will begin later Friday and end Saturday afternoon.

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