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How Much Snow?

"Todd, will it snow this winter?" I'm asked that question quite a bit this time of year. It's never a question of "if" it will snow. It's always a question of "how much" and when"?

We've made it to mid-November and have already had 2 snows this season. A trace was officially reported at the Little Rock airport last week. This does not mean the rest of the winter will be cold and snowy and we can go back to last year to prove that. We had a heavy snowfall in November and the rest of the season was terrible for snow lovers.

It's also interesting and sad that we have only had a trace of snow in Little Rock this calendar year. If we make it to January 1st without any, it will go down as one of the least snowiest years in Little Rock weather history.

It always snows in Arkansas every single winter. As you would expect, northern Arkansas is the most prone.

While we have received snow in November, January is typically the snowiest month of the year. Check out the graphics below.

Average snowfall for Arkansas based on the past 30 years courtesy of the National Weather Service.

I have not updated this graphic in a few years, but it still illustrates the snowiest months quite well.

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